BigTree A4 Sublimation Printer Bundle

  • 1 unit of Epson L1110 Printer.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • 2 times printer check up at selected event date.


  • 1 set of BigTree Sublink (CMYK x 70ml) ink set.
  • 1 box A4 Sublimation Paper (100sheets).


Have you ever face problems such as getting the right colors for grey tone or chili red tone, clogged printhead, lack of support, etc with third party sublimation ink bundle with document printer?

The Solution is HERE!

Here's how you can IMPROVE sublimation product quality through Big Tree heat transfer solutions!

Achieve lower ink cost
Accurate color management
Saving ink feature
Pantone Color Stimulator Printing

You can achieve the colors that you want without spending much time on graphic design software adjusting the tone and sometimes can't even get it right.