BigTree Sublimation Ink


  • 4-colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black.
  • Capacity of 70ml per bottle.
  • Mostly used on Epson L1110 & Epson L1300.

BigTree Sublimation ink is the kind of ink that converts solid to gas without undergoing a liquid form. The conversion in the state is initiated by heat and controlled with time and pressure. Before you start to transfer heat, it is mandatory to know which ink is suitable for gift product to affirm the image transfer are long lasting. Certain hard materials such as fiber board, ceramic, metals, etc; needs special coating to accept the sublimation ink. The sublimation ink is commonly used in desktop inkjet printers such as Epson, Brother and Ricoh printers to produce premium full- color, photographic quality images that will not wash or crack away from the substrate.