Epson Tube Cleaning Kit for F2000/F2130 DTG

  • Available in a set
  • Suitable for Epson Surecolor F2000 & F2130
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This kit is used to maintain the suction CAP and pump assembly of the printer. Parts included are; three bottles of cleaning liquid, plastic cup, two plastic pipettes and lint free cloths.

The kit is required when the Tube Washing setting on the printer is set to ECO mode. The control panel will prompt for this maintenance as required; every 20 hours or and when powering off the printer. If the printer is not used for a given period there is no need to turn the printer on specifically to run this maintenance. 450 ml in total of cleaning liquid is included with 10 ml consumed for each maintenance. This ECO process can be used in place of the month "standard" white ink tube wash.