OEM 1200 Calendar Press

  • Width up to 1200mm suitable for 44″ Sublimation Printers
  • Full Oil Version for more Consistent & Stable heat
  • Drum Diameter 200mm for Faster Heating at rate of 20 Meters per hour
  • Oil Heating & Air Pressure
  • 2.5 Meters Working Table for more Working Area
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty Excluding Carpet


OEM-1200 is designed for transferring flag, wall fabric, curtains, bedding, cushion, umbrella, belt and individual design for printing. Feeding and collecting media by roll-to-roll system with accurate alignment with precise mechanical structure which results in perfect transferring of different materials


Control Panel

Imported temperature Control meter, digital intelligence, temperature control system accuracy is more accurate, frequency conversion governor can be adjusted according to different products.

Double Drum Heating

The addition of heat transfer oil is very convenient, automatic closing off the unique advantages of explosion-proof value, high safely performance, Taiwan stainless steel heating pipe directly heating oil reservoir, warming up faster, longer life.

Synchronous Lever Adjustment

The synchronous rod is used to adjust the blanket loose / tight, so that the two sides are even and the blanket is detached. When the power is shut down or the poer is cut off, the blanket and the roller are seperated, and the blanket is better protected.

Integrated Conductive Ring

When the machine is running, the carbon brush contacts the collector right to conduct electricity to warm up, and the electric heater is ued for detecting the temperature transmission data of the drum to the temperature control meter.

Imported High Quality Motor

Domestic brands of motor and reducer, after years of use, have reached a stable state, the warranty period of 12 months.

Inflatable Shaft

The use of the United States “DuPont” blanket, transfer effect is good, long service life.

Pneumatic Pressurizing Device

Independent pressure switch control, according to the different material to adjust the pressure.

Blanket Axis

The machine outside the handle through the left / right to correct the deviation of the blanket roll.

Additional information

Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 210 × 90 × 170 cm