Sefa Sublimation Slide Heat Press

  • High thermal efficiency
  • Ideal for sublimation with good productivity and flexibility
  • Fast startup (15mins)
  • Able to sublimate and complete 120x80cm plate (Slide 1285)
  • Able to sublimate and complete 80x60cm plate (Slide 865)
  • Perfect heat distribution
  • Manufactured in France
  • 2 years warranty for the machine
  • 10 years warranty for the heating element

The SLIDE range was created in partnership with ChromaLuxe, the world-leading manufacturer of high-quality, rigid sublimation substrates. The SLIDE's two independent heating areas give you the power to sublimate very high-definition images onto a range of substrates, including textiles, aluminium, MDF, wood, tiles, etc.

Electronics developed by Sefa.
From 0 to 30 mins (precision +/- 1%)
From 0 to 230°C (precision +/- 1%)
Heating time to reach 180°C : 15mins
Accurate and fast regulation (PID control) for a wide range of heat transfer products: Flex, flock, sublimation, screen printing transfer
Advanced settings:
4 recordable program
Resettable counter
Double timer
Eco Mode
User friendly touch screen
Heat sensor PT100

Weight 261kg 419kg
Pressure 453 gr/cm² 386 gr/cm²
Max Temperature 255°C 255°C
Power Supply 240V single phase / 400V 3-phases


400V 3-phases


Amperage 28A / 9A 20A
Plate 85 x 65 cm (Working Area -5cm) 125 x 85 cm (Working Area -5cm)
Dimensions 759x909x569 mm 759x909x569 mm
Features Automatic Opening
Automatic Closing
Manual Drawing
2 Independent Zones
Automatic Opening
Automatic Closing
Manual Drawing
2 Independent Zones

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SLIDE 865, SLIDE 1285