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Transfer Tape greatly facilitates the vinyl application process. Transfer tape comes into play after the vinyl has been properly cut (cut does not cut through the backing) and weeded (excess vinyl removed from design).

The transfer tape will then be applied over top of the design sticking to the vinyl. Then, when the tape is removed from the backing, it brings the vinyl with it. This is greatly beneficial when working with intricate projects or designs with multiple pieces that need to maintain proper spacing and placement.

Our NEW Clear Transfer Tape Rolls come in 100M., and make positioning your vinyl a breeze. All of Expressions Vinyl's transfer tapes have a medium-tack adhesive and this CLEAR tape really helps facilitate the application of vinyl on any project.The different methods of adding some blings to your designs. Rhinestone and rhinestud transfers, templates, equipment, software and supplies.

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32cm x 100Meters, 50cm x 100Meters