Sefa Lower Standard Plates for Sefa Heat Press

Special plates manufactured by SEFA. Available in kit or single, with special shapes for shoes. Includes support for old generation and quick release system.

Compatible with all SEFA presses (QR and 7A)

PLA-SET Set with 48, 49, 50 & 51
PLA-48 15 x 15 cm
PLA-49 12 x 8 cm
PLA-50 25 x 30 cm
PLA-51 12 x 45 cm
PLA-3040 30 x 40 cm
PLA-4050 40 x 50 cm
PLA-SHOES CV 40 x 50 cm (for shoes)

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PLA-SET, PLA-48, PLA-49, PLA-50, PLA-51, PLA-3040, PLA-4050, PLA-SHOES CV